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UFO Contemporary

UFO Sliders #50280

UFO Sliders #50280

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Introducing the new UFO Slider! Whether you're at the pool, the beach, or just hanging out, these Unisex sliders make for some great easy-to-wear footwear! UFO sliders are available in both Men's and Women's sizes, in the color White with PVC soles and our UFO logo printed on the strap. Sizing starts with Men’s size 5 and Women’s size 6 up to Men's size 12 and Women's size 13. Half sizes available in some popular sizes.

  • Unisex item available in both Men's and Women's sizes
  • Sizes range from Men's 5/Women's 6 up to Men's 12/Women's 13
  • Some half sizes available in popular sizes
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