Frequently Asked Questions

1.Sizing: We can’t tell people what size they wear because people are all shaped differently and they like to wear their UFOs with individuality. Some people like them slung on their high hips, some on their low hips, some at the waist. This makes a difference in most people on what size they would wear. Every style has a comprehensive chart on the page where you purchase it and we include a comprehensive rundown of how our UFO pants don’t fit like typical jeans and how sizing should be measured according to how people like wearing their UFO pants. Our measurements for the waist (fully extended) are the maximum inches/centimeters that the waist of the garment will extend to. If you are trying to measure yourself, take a tape measure and measure at the point where you would like to wear your UFO pants and select your size accordingly. If you measure on the edge of a size range, it is usually best to go up to the next size.

2.Where to find our size charts on our website: We include size charts on our product description pages, underneath the color swatches and right above the product descriptions. They can also be found on the right side of the page as a photo slideshow option that you can click and view at full size.

3.Drawstrings: Drawstring waists are meant to accommodate a size range. If you fall at the edge of the range, we would suggest that you select a larger size for freedom of motion.

4.Length sizes: Most styles have a drawstring at the bottom that you can easily adjust the length by how you tie and where you tie the bottom drawstring. If you tie it at your ankle, if you tie it above your ankle, if you tie below your knee, all of these things will change the length.

5.Exchanges/Returns: You can find our Exchanges/Returns policy under our Terms of Service. A link to our Terms of Service page can be found at the bottom left corner of the screen on our e-commerce shopping pages on our website, under “Quick links.” You can also find a link right here at

6.Transforming your UFO pants: Buttons inside the pants make it possible to convert specific pant and parka styles into functional bags. You can see examples on our Transformations page. A link to our Transformations page can be found at the bottom left corner of the screen on our e-commerce shopping pages on our website, under “Quick Links,” as well as right here at this link