About Us

Since beginning in 1967, UFO has taken classic military styles as a foundation to adapt and reinvent for the times. Using music, arts, politics, and contemporary ideologies as inspiration, UFO Jeans are as unique as the people that wear them. 

Leo Brody along with his wife Evelyn built up a flourishing military surplus business in the 1940's. Leo decided to explore jeanswear, creating a branch of this business called An-Ev. The An-Ev label was such a success that it grew into a full collection of pants and jeans. In 1969 the name was changed to UFO, and has stayed that way throughout the years, expanding its products and categories.

With UFO's foundation clearly established in the U.S., the brand expanded to Europe, South America, and Asia where it was deemed a "must wear" brand among the global trend-setters. Cuts such as bell-bottoms, flared silhouettes, high-rises, and hip huggers, in new fabrics and silky looks, were the soul of UFO. 

Today's UFO's global reach radiates the same spirit with which it was founded; the vitality of street trends combined with the love of military surplus details, plus inspiration from the city streets of the world today with a full range of products and accessories for street, fitness, dance, and more.

UFO has evolved with the lifestyles of the women, men, and kids who recognize our brand to produce styles that are fashionable and comfortable. UFO clothes come ready to wear for all your fashion needs, ranging from street wear to fashion fitness, be it for dynamic dancing or performance, UFO remains a fashion statement for generations to come.